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A Personal Note From Pro Sports Massage Therapist, Michael McGillicuddy

Michael McGillicuddy - Sports massage therapist
welcome to my new website!

I am very excited to bring my 27 years of experience as a sports and pain management massage therapist to you. My career as a massage therapist started in 1984 when I graduated from the Florida School of Massage Therapy in 1984. My first love growing up in Florida was playing sports every day after school. When I went to massage therapy school and found out that
a specialty existed in sports massage, I knew immediately what I would be doing. I have been studying sports massage since graduating.

My experience as a sports massage therapist includes years of hands on practice at local running races in my community, providing massage for Men's Professional Tennis Association, Men's Professional Volleyball Association, US Figure Skating Championships, US National Fencing Tournament, as a Massage Therapist for the Atlanta Olympic Games and I currently conduct a Sports Internship at The University of Central Florida. These and many other experiences have helped me develop my skills as a sports massage therapist.

My education in sports massage has been influenced by outstanding massage therapist such as: Benny Vaughn, Aaron Mattes, Jack Meagher, Rich Paigh and many others. I believe that it is the combination of years of education and practical hands on experience that truly allow you to master the art and science of sports massage.

I have traveled around the country and to many other parts of the world. During my travels, if I find establishments that provide sports massage I always try to book an appointment. Often what is delivered in the massage treatment is not what is advertised. It was because of this, often disappointing experiences, that I wrote a book for Human Kinetics called "Massage for Sports Performance." The book is written for anyone that wants to provide Pre, Post and Recovery Sports Massage. It is a good beginning to understand what sports massage is all about. I will be posting a lot of the basic material from the book on this website but there is so much more to sports massage; the event and recovery sports massage.

I am currently conducting sports massage presentations entitled "Multi Modality Approach to Sports Therapy and Pain Management". These presentations will be divided into three areas; lower extremity, upper extremity, and head, neck and trunk. The presentations will include the fifteen most common conditions occurring in each area and a multiple modality approach for each condition.

I look forward to adding the information on the multi modality approach to sports massage and pain management and the theory and application of sports massage techniques to this website soon. Information added to the website will also include other websites to find out more about the different modalities I use in treatments, products I recommend, and where in the country I will be conducting presentations.

Please get on my list using the form below so I can keep in touch with you. You'll be the first to know about new resources on this site, and any other information I know is important to you. You won't miss a thing!

Thank you!

Michael McGillicuddy, LMT

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